Saturday, September 24, 2011

GAPS Intro #7: Day 86

Day 86 of intro and I am still on stage 2. Can't say that I am feeling any better. If anything, I feel worse then when I started. I wake up wishing the day was over already. So I decided to do another fast. It won't heal me, but I know it will get me to a better place. At least I should be able to tolerate more foods after the fast and also more probiotics and ferments.

I was going to do it at home, but fasting at home has been really hard for me here lately mostly because I am so friggin' hungry ALL the time. (That is part of the reason I wish the day was over already - so I don't have to right this constant hunger.) So I decided on a place in North Carolina for a fasting retreat. I don't plan on drinking the green smoothies. The woman who runs the retreat also makes clear veggie broth and will make some for me every day for "lunch" and "dinner". The retreat takes place at the Beaufort Harber Suites in Beaufort, NC. The hotel is about a block from the beach.

I am so looking forward to going. The die off will be hard and I will probably feel weak during the fast like I usually do, but I know I will feel so much better when I am done. I am not sure yet about what to do after the fast, but most likely I will go see Dr.. Bernui in Hendersonville, TN. He comes highly recommended.


Erin said...

Kristina, I've read some of your blog, and of course have followed your comments on the GAPShelp group. I'm wondering if you are any better at all than when you started GAPS? What made you sick in the first place? Was it sudden? I thought I read somewhere you ate whole foods before becoming sick. I just like to put stories together, and am wondering how this has all panned out for you. I don't think there are many people who have done GAPS as long as you and haven't felt better. Thanks!

Me said...

Hi Erin,

Thank you for your comment. I was eating a Paleo diet before GAPS with occasional cheats. The problem is that I have Lyme disease and a co-infection called Babesia. That, coupled with a lot of stress, is what I believe has kept me sick. I am not sure that GAPS alone can battle Lyme as it is a totally different bacteria and can get anywhere in your body.

GAPS is a GREAT healing program. It's not a cure all, but I don't know how miserable I would be if I wasn't following GAPS. No doubt I would be much worse off.

Hope this helps.