Friday, February 12, 2010


I wasn't a military brat but because of my dad's employment with AAFES (Army and Airforce Exchange Service) I did grow up around military bases. Mostly here in Germany - Giessen, Kirchgoens, Frankfurt, and Ramstein. I also worked at the Munich base in my 20s. A lot of those bases have closed by now.

Tuesday mom and I went to Wiesbaden to go shopping at the PX and commissary. Before going to the stores we had to stop at the Wiesbaden airfield to pick up some forms for mom. Because she also works for AAFES she is not required to pay German income tax on large purchases like furniture. Walking into the building to pick up the forms I suddenly felt sad that this is not part of my life anymore. The old buildings, old furniture, military guys walking around, the food court. It probably sounds strange that I would miss old furniture in an old office but I just missed that kind of life.

On a different note, the bloating is still reduced. I had eggs, turkey, and goose fat this morning and it's not near as bad as it would have been before the fast. I wish it would go away completely but I am grateful for even small improvements. There is still other stuff going on like the elevated heart rate and some more die off, but I am confident that God is healing mybody. I am SO ready to be healthy again!

Wednesday I got a pedi from Brigitte. As usually I was not allowed to pay. In addition, she had gotten me some eye shadow base that I like to use and gave it to me as a gift. This woman is truly amazing. She is the most giving, generous, positive, fun person I have ever met aside from her husband. A truly wonderful couple.

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