Monday, March 21, 2011

Here We Go Again

I am starting another fast tomorrow. My goal is 14 days, 7 of which I will be spending at Weckbecker  with my friend S. We are going on Friday so I will be fasting 3 days prior and 4 days after the clinic stay. I am looking forward to the end result, not so much to the process since I was hungry every single day of my last fast. That's not what is supposed to happen. I am also hungry on a regular basis, no matter how much I eat, which is getting pretty frustrating. I reduced Cytomel from 87.5 mcg to 75 mcg and that has helped with quite a few symptoms. My heart rate is slightly lower (but I still take a beta blocker most days), I am not sweating excessively, I am sleeping much better, and I don't feel like I need to strip down to my skivvies and bra after I eat!

My hope is that the detoxing I get from the fast will allow me to really increase my intake of probiotics and fermented veggie juice afterward. I am still struggling to add those in as I get quite a bit of die off. No doubt the first few days of the fast will be horrendous from die off, but at least I can sit on my butt all day if I need to. The question is what do I do after the fast: GAPS, ZC, Paleo...?? I can't imagine never eating vegetables again so why am I so hesitant about going back to a more Paleo lifestyle? I guess feeling like a failure (other ZCers made it) is part of it and fear of weight gain. None of those are God talking as my smart hubby pointed out to me.

I also hope to blog about my fasting experience every day. Ha! Judging by the date of my previous post you might guess how that's going to work out!

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