Sunday, April 10, 2011

Going Back on GAPS Intro

I have been vacillating between starting intro tomorrow, with a group of people, or starting on 4/24 when Bob goes to Orlando for 2 weeks. After eating some almond flour shortbread yesterday I decided to start tomorrow. It seems when I am not on some sort of plan, I have a tendency to slip more. I know almonds are GAPS legal, but every time I try to eat nuts they just set me back.

The reason I wanted to wait to start intro on 4/24 is that I won't be able to have grilled meats for a while since the first and second stage only allow boiled meats (boring). However, it won't kill me to eat boiled meats for a little while although Bob will be eating grilled meats. I will start intro with meats/fats only plus broth of course and fermented veggie juice - IF I can tolerate it. If that goes well I will start reducing protein and adding cooked veggies. Of course I am afraid to leave the ZC world, but I just have no desire to continue eating nothing but meat and fat and certainly not the rest of my life.

Here's the frustrating part and I pray this will change during intro, I feel like I am in perpetual die off. I mean, you are supposed to get die off when you add probees and or ferments but then it's supposed to let up and you increase probees and ferments. With me it seems that I can still only tolerate tiny amounts of probees and even those cause a pretty bad headache and backache. How am I going to move forward if the die off doesn't go away? It's mind boggling and utterly frustrating and I am so tired of it. After 5 to 6 days of a headache and back pain I need a break. So yesterday I did not take any probees at all and while I don't feel quite as achy this morning, the headache is still there. WTH???

On a more positive note, I found two recipes that Bob really likes. One was Bacon Wrapped Salmon Cakes and the other one was Salisbury Steak. I was really surprised that he liked the salmon cakes since he is not crazy about fish, but he even went back for seconds. I made some of them with jalapenos instead of asparagus which was good as well. I also omitted the nuts and parmesan cheese, and used two eggs instead of one egg white so that I could eat them.

I need to experiment and come up with some of my own recipes.

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