Saturday, July 2, 2011

GAPS Intro #7: Day 2

Symptoms this morning: Headache, upper backache, increased (from yesterday) anger, heart rate up to 130, dizzy, weak, distended abdomen, puffy face, right eye lid very swollen, not fully cognitive, stuffy nose, and stiff body.

Yesterday I didn't think the Berberine supplement was doing much and that I might be able to increase to a whole capsule today, but I am definitely feeling worse. My head and back hurt more, I had to lean on the kitchen counter this morning because I felt I couldn't stand without holding onto something, I am so angry I want to scream, and right now I want to lie in bed all day and do nothing. I know this will change once the hydrocortisone kicks in, but this is not pleasant. It is mind boggling to me that I still have so much die off after all this time on GAPS, ZC, and Paleo prior to GAPS and ZC. I feel like crying right now.

Update 9 AM:
I feel more human but not good. Since I was rendering beef fat from a heart I am boiling for lunch I ate the leftover crunchy pieces. I am also thinking about taking some Vitamin C to help with detox but it gives me such horrible dry mouth. Still feel like staying in bed all day. Every little thing seems too much right now.

Update 9 PM:
The headache and backache eventually went away but I had really bad fluid retention starting mid-morning. As I was eating throughout the day it kept getting worse. I also felt fairly fatigued and brain-foggy. I ate boiled beef heart, tongue, and liver for lunch and dinner, as well as extra tallow and some bacon fat, and had 2 bowls of beef bone broth, a bowl of beef meat broth, and a bowl of chicken meat broth. I took one whole capsule of the Berberine/GSE supplement.

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