Tuesday, July 5, 2011

GAPS Intro #7: Day 5

Symptoms this morning: Same as every morning but today not as bad except for my heart rate. It went up to 160 again but that's standing still. Walking around the kitchen it was *only* 125. Headache and everything else is reduced.

Not much to say. Yesterday was rough. I had that nasty headache all day long but it's gone today. I am back to my usual headache that will probably go away in a bit. In addition I was insanely hungry and craving sweets. I guess taking one Primal Defense Ultra was just too much. I did continue with the Symbioflor probees yesterday so those seem to be ok - I started with one drop each and then took two drops each yesterday. In addition, I skipped the Berb/GSE supp yesterday and took 1/16th tsp of Nystatin instead. I will continue to rotate them every four or five days.

So the good thing is that I am feeling MUCH better today. Yesterday I didn't even feel like myself and all I wanted to do was sit and watch TV and be left alone. Today I feel more like myself and I feel capable of using my brain. The bad thing is that I was tolerating a much higher dose of probees (25 billion versus 5 billion) in April before the blood donation.

Today I am finally starting my job. Still excited and anxious. Once I know the system and I am in a groove I will be ok. I never did like starting at a new company because learning the system/database, check-out/check-in procedures, where everything is, etc. is cumbersome and you are dependent on other people to get things done at first.

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