Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Fast Day 10

Not much to report really. Still have some die off from the probees (and fasting of course) but it's tolerable. Today I increased the ProSymbioflor and l. reuteri slightly. My tongue still looks greenish-white. It's gross but scraping it does nothing. Definitely detoxing.

Today was a "free" day and I spent it walking Mojo, reading books, checking emails, sitting outside, and watching TV. I am pretty fried right now and doubt I will do much of anything else the rest of the night.

I really want some coffee but have decided to leave it out completely....including coffee enemas. If it's true that one can react to coffee if one is intolerant to gluten then I don't want to risk it. But I miss it. Also, today while I was walking Mojo one of the store owners came out to pet him. He asked if I want to look around his store but I said I could not leave Mojo tied up outside. He said to bring him in. Then he said he has free wine tasting. Boy was that tempting but I declined.

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