Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Fast Day 9

Yesterday I took a small amount of 2 different probiotics and about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp sauerkraut brine. I am definitely feeling it today but it's not near as bad as it was before I started the fast. That amount of SK brine and probees would have made for a horrible day the next day. Today, my right eye lid was very swollen when I got up, I feel totally out of it (not really cognitive) and numb, I don't even feel like reading, and I sort of feel like just staying in bed all day. I should probably do an enema but I have absolutely no desire. Instead, I will probably sit in my little sauna this afternoon.

Annette, the woman hosting this retreat, is planning another outing today. Yesterday we went to an island with wild ponies and a ton of shells. It was such a nice day. Today we are driving to another beach, some national park, to walk, sit in the sun, and do some Yoga. She said there is an area where Mojo can go swimming.

Dead jellyfish.

 Enjoying the sun.

Mojo has really been enjoying the ocean. He runs in after his tennis ball and just wants to keep going. It's nice to see him having fun because I am not sure how he is feeling right now. When I watch him play and swim I think he is ok, but overall he seems more mellow than he normally is. He also still has diarrhea which concerns me. I worry about him.

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