Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 19 - 5:15 PM

It is interesting how much things can change from one day to the next. Maybe what happened yesterday was due to the honey I ate, or it was a healing crisis, or I was getting worse from the osteopathic treatment. Whatever it was, I feel so much better today. Up until today my heart rate was worse than ever. I was taking two beta blockers a day. Now I am back down to one. I took it early this morning and while my heart rate is not normal, it's better.

I even ventured out and had tomato juice this afternoon. Last week that still caused horrible bloating but today it did nothing to me. The bloating is still about the same as it was this morning. And I still think the 24/7 bloating is from PMS. I did not use any progesterone cream yesterday and may not use any today either. I may ask the osteopath about it tomorrow. I have another appointment with him at 7:40 AM (half an hour after my colonic - whoever is scheduling appointments seems to be clueless).

Yesterday I wasn't sure how I was going to make it here two more days, and today I am really enjoying myself. I had a great day of reading, knitting (I'm on my fourth pair of socks), watching TV, talking to mom, and spending a little time on the internet. There's even a movie on tomorrow night that I am looking forward to (German TV is horrible!). And Saturday morning I get to go "home". Yay!!!

Oh and the headache and backache are almost gone now. I guess the osteopath was right.

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