Monday, July 4, 2011

GAPs Intro #7: Day 4

Symptoms this morning: Nasty headache (different than my usual headache), right eye lid only barely swollen, very angry, out of it, heart rate went up to 160s!, fluid retention in my entire body, dizzy, trouble standing, very distended, hungry, stuffy nose, white coated tongue, dry mouth.

Considering that I have been taking the Berberine/GSE supp for 5 days, plus I took 2 drops each of the Symbioflor probees and 1 Primal Defense Ultra yesterday, I really don't feel all that bad. It could have been much worse. However, the fluid retention tells me that I might be detoxing a bit too fast. The increase in heart rate from the previous days could also be an indication of too much die off. Since I am starting my new job tomorrow I will skip the Primal Defense Ultra tonight.

I think the reason my right eye lid is not so swollen today is because I increased the SR potassium two days ago. The blood test from last Monday indicated that my potassium level is still low normal and sodium was actually BElow normal. So I increased from 20 meq SR potassium a day to 40 meq a day.

The smoked beef ribs yesterday tasted amazing but I am going back to boiled meat today. Last night I started a pot of beef bone broth mostly from the rib bones, plus a few other beef bones, and I threw in a pack of grass-fed cube steaks. I will most likely eat those today plus broth and extra tallow. I am still very hungry every day, no matter how much I eat and it's getting harder and harder to deal with. As much as I want to eat dinner only, due to the abdominal distention, it will be really tough to make it all day feeling that hungry. On the other hand, it's not like eating helps!

I am feeling particularly negative this morning which is probably another sign I need to back off of probees today. Yesterday I was looking forward to our vacation in November and feeling confident that I would be much improved by then. Today everything seems hopeless and I just want this day to be over. Actually, I wish I could go to sleep and wake up when I am healthy. That's not a good place to be. Amazing what little critters in my gut dying can do to my brain.

Update 10:15 AM:
Definitely feeling worse today. Not only does the headache feel different, but it hasn't gone away. I think the headache I normally get might be from low cortisol and/or low thyroid so taking HC in the morning helps. The headache I have today seems to be from die off. I ate something to see if it would help but it hasn't and I am even more swollen now - all over. Note to self: One Primal Defense Ultra is WAY too much right now!

Update 9:00 PM:
Lunch and dinner was beef bone broth (made from the smoked beef rib bones - YUM), boiled chicken gizzards, boiled cube steak, extra tallow, and my *dessert* made of water, pork gelatin, and tons of cinnamon. I also had some Applegate Farms roast beef - not really intro-ish but it's better than diving into a bowl full of nuts. I was very hungry all day and had cravings for sweets.

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