Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Fast Day 13

I slept badly again, waking quite often. Maybe it's because of the roach I found in the kitchen cabinet last night. I hate roaches. I am actually thinking about leaving today.

Because I was feeling rather poorly yesterday, emotionally and physically, I decided to add a bit of tomato juice back in. However, my heart rate was actually worse this morning. It climbed all the way to 177 at which point I had to sit down. I took the beta blocker, got back into bed, and had some tea and water. About half an hour later I got up to give Mojo his pills and it was still just as bad so I took another beta blocker. It's still so high I can't even take him for a walk. Blood sugar was 71. I had some broth with Celtic sea salt and a bit more tomato juice. Between that and the addition beta blocker I hope that I will be functional soon.

My eye lids weren't as swollen this morning but I really can't say that I feel good. Most people feel so much better by day 5 to 6 of fasting but that doesn't seem to happen for me. My tongue is also still greenish-white.

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