Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 1 with Dr. Dahlgren

Today was my first appointment with Dr. Dahlgren at the Comprehensive Medical Center in Kirkland, WA – Dr. Klinghardt’s practice. When I got there I had to give urine and saliva for some test to check for nutritional deficiencies and other issues. After a short wait I got to see Dr. D and another doctor who assisted her. Both Dr. D and Dr. L were really nice and caring which helped a lot since I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I flew in yesterday but got in 4 hours late, drove to the hotel in pouring rain and in the dark, didn’t get much sleep, etc.

Anyway, Dr. D said based on my Igenex lab results I definitely have Lyme and Babesia (oddly my supposed Lyme literate MD in Nashville feels I don’t have much of a Lyme issue!) and the fact that they even showed up on a blood test is amazing considering how low my white blood cell count is. She feels that I probably have had Lyme since I was much younger and may have gotten it in Germany years ago. The low CD57 confirms this as well (mine was 20). In addition, with muscle testing (more on that later) she found that I test positive for Lyme from Germany - different DNA than Lyme in the US.

She said the urine and saliva test indicated that I have fungal issues and a structural issue with my neck. Incidentally, that is true about my neck and how a urine or saliva test can determine this is a puzzle to me. Based on the test my nutritional status is pretty good and she gave me a list of foods that would help me right now, and a list of foods I should avoid if I can. Coffee was on the list of foods to avoid but she said not to worry about that for now. Bless that woman!

When I told her that I started having more issues with heart racing last week she said I am probably dealing with a virus. It was nice to have that confirmed because I am still up to two beta blockers a day versus one. She also agreed that a small change in the formulation of thyroid medication, like changing the filler, can affect how well the body absorbs it. In addition, she does not want to take me off hydrocortisone right now (like most other doctors) because my body is dealing with other stuff at the moment. She said we can work on weaning off of it later and that it’s supporting me right now. It’s so nice to deal with a doctor who knows her stuff.

We talked for a while about the surgeries I have had, other medical history, accidents, etc. then she started examining me and did some muscle testing. She said my small intestine is inflamed and I have a lot of fluid retention (no kidding). She noted quite a bit of pitted edema in my hands which she said is unusual.  She injected two of my surgery scars and also my thyroid with Procain. Apparently my thyroid is inflamed as well and my surgery scars were blocking “something” from healing. The injection in my thyroid was not pleasant....when she injected the right side, besides the pain in the injection site, I felt a nasty pain on the right side of my forehead. After the injection I felt like I had big knots in my throat, my voice sounded funny for a while, and I had to cough but couldn't really cough. Hard to explain.

After a lot of muscle testing and more questions she came up with a treatment plan for me. Aside from a bunch of supplements to support my pancreas, spleen, heart, and more, she recommended two probiotics. One I am supposed to take after meals, the other one I need to take at bedtime as it also has GABA which is supposed to help me sleep. She also wants me to take some brown algae supplement at bedtime to help with sleep and cardiovascular issues.

She said I have a lot of bacterial and viral stuff going on in my lungs for which she prescribed an iodine and a garlic supplement that I need to put in a nebulizer and inhale. I have to do this once a day for a year. She recommended several supplements specifically for Lyme (Quintessence and Lyme Nosodes), an anti-viral medication, an anti-fungal medication, and an anti-parasitic medication. I also have a chlorella extract and she gave me a bee venom ointment which I am supposed to rub on my thyroid and adrenal areas twice a day.

In addition to all this I got a UVBi treatment (running ones blood through ultraviolet light and injecting H2O2 into the blood) today which is followed by a sauna and a colonic tomorrow morning to get toxins out. I am getting one more of these before I leave. Last but not least I am seeing another one of their doctors for structural issues with my neck.

Dr. D also wanted me to do a stool test before I leave. However, the girls at the front desk forgot to give me the kit so I cannot start tomorrow. You have to collect stool for 3 days and I am leaving Friday so I am not sure what she wants to do about this. I can’t start the anti-fungal until after the stool test. Maybe she will skip it.

She also wants me to do a KPU/HPL urine test at home and a hair analysis to check for heavy metals. And I am supposed to get an earthing sheet to sleep on and wear some kind of protection around my neck when I am working on the computer to protect my thyroid from EMFs. She said aluminum foil works great if I don’t care how I look!

The supplements and meds I am supposed to take in case anybody is interested are as follows:

Treatment Plan

Treatment While At the Clinic
  1. UVBi followed by sauna and colonic. Do this twice while in Seattle.
  2. Carrie – Neurolinguistic Programming – work on emotional issues.
  3. Dr. Aleks – structural work (he is an osteopath).
Labs and Imaging
  1. CDSA (Stool Analysis)
  2. KPU/HPL urine test – do this at home. Pause supplements for 5 days before doing this.
  3. Hair Analysis – for heavy metals.
  4. Abdominal Ultrasound (complete) – do this while in Seattle.
  1. Order an earthing pad from Little Tree Group to use while sleeping. Consider also getting one to use while on the computer.
  2. Less-EMF – look for a scarf or similar type of item to cover thyroid while working on the computer. Aluminum foil is fine.
  1. Lyme nosode – follow package instructions.
  2. Quintessence – two dropperfuls three times per day in a little water before meals.
  3. Garlic and TriQuench – add the following to a little water in nebulizer and inhale once daily
    1. TriQuench – two drops
    2. Allimax – five to ten drops
  4.  Biltricide – two tablets three times per day for two days. Pause two weeks and repeat once. Ideally start with full moon.
  5.  Diflucan – 100 mg twice per day for 6 weeks. Start after stool analysis.
  6.  Valtrex – 1000 mg once per day at bedtime for at least three months (may continue this longer due to high viral load).
Endocrine and Organ/Glandular Support
  1. Diutrex – one tablet two to three times daily before or between meals.
  2. Drenatrophin PMG – two tablets three times per day before meals. Hold on tongue 5 to 10 seconds before swallowing.
  3. Pancreatrophin PMG – one tablet three times per day before meals.
  4. Spleen PMG – one tablet three times per day before meals with the Drenatrophin and Pancreatrophin.
  5. Cardiotrophin PMG – one tablet three times per day before meals with the Drenatrophin.
Detox Support
  1. PC Ecklonia Cava – six tablets per day at bedtime.
  2.  CGF (liquid chlorella) – ½ teaspoon three times per day at least 15 minutes before meals.
Nutrient Support
  1. CORE – two tablets daily after a large meal.
  2. Vitamin D – 6,000 IU daily.
GI Support
  1. ProCalm – four capsules per day at bedtime.
  2. Supernatant – two capsules twice per day after meals.
  3. Betaine HCl with Pepsin (Thorne) – two to three capsules at the beginning of each meal.
Circulation Support

  1. Venex (bee venom ointment) - apply topically to skin over nech (thyroid) and back (adrenals) twice daily.

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