Monday, January 16, 2012

Die Off

Yesterday I took almost all my new supps and I was definitely feeling the die off by mid afternoon. Two days ago I had horrible, horrible heart racing. I took a beta blocker right after getting up around 6:30 AM and by 9 AM I felt like I needed another one. My heart rate was around 125 just standing in the kitchen wiping the kitchen counter. So I upped my hydrocortisone that day to about 40 mg - I think - and yesterday morning it was a bit better. Yesterday I took 42.5 mg and while it was high this morning at 170, it did come down with the first dose of 10 mg HC. I took another 5 mg 1 1/2 hours later, plus the beta blocker after getting up, and now it seems fine.

It does seem that my morning cortisol is incredibly low and I don't know how to change that. I started taking a 2.5 mg bedtime dose and may need to try taking 5 mg instead. I am also getting FT3 rechecked tomorrow now that I have been on 106.25 mcg pretty consistently, haven't switched back and forth between Cytomel from the US and Cynomel from Mexico, and am on a higher dose of HC. I hate not knowing what is going on but I still think that the need for so much Cytomel is due to a potency or filler change in that new prescription of Cytomel I got. After I get my blood drawn tomorrow I may go back to Cynomel but a smaller dose.

Aside from the racing heart this morning I also felt completely out of it and NOT cognitive, tired, worn out, my face was puffy, my cheeks were red, and my stomach was cramping a bit after I had a BM. I am so looking forward to all this being over. I am so NOT looking forward to doing coffee enemas 2 to 3 times a week, retention enemas twice a week, rectal suppositories once a week, and vaginal suppositories every other day. Fun!


Michele said...

I am also a patient of Dahlgren's. Would love to chat. I don't really know how to use blogger. Just came across your post doing a search. You can contact me at And I will try to figure out communication on this site if I can.

Me said...

Hi Michele,

Just saw this comment and sent you an email. I hope you get it. Really looking forward to chatting with you.