Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valtrex and an Update

One of the medications Dr. D put me on for EBV, CMV, and other viruses is Valtrex. She told me to take 1 gram at bedtime which I started doing on 1/10/12. About 5 days ago I started noticing some mild anxiety and depression. By Sunday I also wasn't urinating as much as I usually do and I was full on depressed and my anxiety was off the charts - about everything. My health, the fact that I went to Seattle, the money we are spending on doctors and supplements, and DH being in Nepal on a mission trip.

DH left to go to Nepal last Thursday. The time difference is 11 hours and 45 minutes so we were trying to Skype every morning and every night. We had Skyped Saturday morning and the plan was to do so again that night. By 9 PM I was really tired and sent him an email that I was going to bed. Sunday morning there was no reply to my email. I thought it was odd but wasn't worried at that point. Throughout the day, as my anxiety was building and I didn't hear from DH which is highly unusual, I got more and more worried. I even called DH's hotel room around midnight his time and there was no answer. The combination of dealing with anxiety and not being able to reach DH made for an awful day. Around 2 PM he called to tell me that first they had gotten stuck in a demonstration, then later, on their way home, the car broke down in the middle of nowhere and they were stuck out there until just then which was about 2 AM. What a relief it was to finally hear from him!

Anyway, I skipped the Valtrex that Sunday night and felt much better the next day. Actually, I had a pretty good day Monday. I walked Mojo for half an hour - even up hill since my heart rate was much lower as well - I vacuumed and mopped the upstairs of our house and later that night walked Mojo again for about 10 minutes. That's more than I am normally capable off.

I did start back on all the supps and also the Diflucan on Monday so yesterday I had a bit of die off. I did some coffee enemas in the morning which helped. Today it's even worse but tolerable.

Yesterday I had a phone consultation with Dr. D to discuss the Valtrex issue. She thinks what was happening is a good sign because the Valtrex is working, it's killing viruses in my brain and that is causing die off and is affecting my central nervous system causing those symptoms. She said to skip it for 2 weeks then go back on 500 mg for a week. If that works ok she said to go back up to the full dose of 1 gram and see how I feel. I felt better after talking to her and what she says makes a lot of sense.

Since I had her on the phone I also asked her about another issue I am facing. Around mid December I started fluctuating between feeling hot and cold. The last 7 to 10 days it has gotten a lot worse and I noticed some of it has to do with activity. I keep the house at 68 degrees. If I am standing in the kitchen doing dishes or something I am burning up and sweating. If I am sitting, wearing the same clothes, I am freezing and usually put a fleece on. Monday night when I walked Mojo it was dark outside and 47 degrees. Within 5 minutes of walking I was so hot I had to take my coat off. I was walking around in just a long sleeve t-shirt and it felt way too hot and again I started sweating - 47 degrees. Once I got back home I was freezing within a few minutes. I also get way too hot when I eat. About half way through my meal I start shedding clothes because I am so hot. Dr. D said it's a nervous system dysfunction and as my body heals this will go away. I guess in the meantime I just have to deal with it.

Overall the die off isn't too bad but it's not pleasant either. My heart rate, as usual when I am detoxing, is really high again. This morning it got up to 186 while I was fixing my breakfast. It feels awful and I am still taking 2 beta blockers a day. I don't like it but I figure this also will resolve itself as my body heals.

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