Monday, April 25, 2011

GAPS Intro: Day 1

While I have been hovering around stage 1 and 2 GAPS foods, today I am officially re-starting GAPS intro for about the 5th time. Along with taking the supplement Dr. Campbell-McBride recommended, I am hoping that this will get rid of the abdominal distention I have been experiencing daily for almost 3 years now. She did say in her email to me to stay at stage 2 and only add new foods and move up in stages when the abdominal distention is gone. Basically that's meat, fat, veggies, eggs. I am skipping the veggies for now and doing a ZC version of GAPS intro. I am also still drinking coffee. My plan was to wean off by now but that didn't happen. It's not perfect but oh well.

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