Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GB Attack

May 2005 I had my first supposed gallbladder attack. I say supposed because that's what the physician in the ER that night thought it was (based on symptoms) but they did not find any gallstones and my blood tests were normal. The pain starts just under my right rib cage, it typically radiates to my back, my entire abdomen is very distended, and it's just a really nasty, miserable pain that typically leaves me taking strong painkillers although I despise them. Yesterday around 2:30 PM I started to have this pain and it just got worse throughout the evening. Out of sheer frustrating I started c/sing which of course didn't help matters. I took some Percocet and Tylenol around 4 PM, some more around 8 PM, and around 3:20 AM I took two Buscopan Plus. It is now 6:35 AM and I still have pain. It's more tolerable, but normally these attacks don't last this long.

This is so frustrating and discouraging!

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