Monday, April 11, 2011

Indecisiveness and Perfectionism

Indecisiveness - doubt concerning two or more possible alternatives or courses of action.
Perfectionism - a propensity for being displeased with anything that is not perfect or does not meet extremely high standards.

That is me this morning. Yesterday I had decided that I would start GAPS Intro today yet ever since I made the decision it hasn't felt right. Why? Because it's not perfect. I am not ready to add vegetables yet. I haven't stopped drinking coffee yet. I plan on fasting today (not GAPS recommended). In 9 days we are going to a Brazilian where I will be eating grilled and seasoned meats and raw veggies plus I will most likely have a glass of wine. When Bob comes back from Austin we will want to grill pretty much every day and I don't want to eat boiled meat while he eats grilled meat (whine!).

So I am back to starting on 4/24, the day Bob goes to Orlando, and doing it right. He will be gone 2 weeks which gives me plenty of time to move to the stage where grilled meats are allowed. The part I don't like - I won't be joining the group of people starting intro today. As one woman commented on Baden's Blog, I like the momentum of this group starting date, but it just doesn't feel right. Neither does starting on the 4/24 but that feels better than starting now.

The indecisiveness is killing me but I can't seem to stop it either. Anyway, from now until 4/23 I will stick to Stage 1** ZC version, slowly increase probees, and wean off coffee. On 4/24 I will start proper GAPS Intro.

**Stage 1 Foods and Guidelines
  1. Boiled meats and veggies (I am skipping the latter)
  2. Lots of animal fats
  3. Probees and/or ferments every day
  4. Several cups of bone broth per day
  5. Ginger tea with honey in between meals (I don't like ginger tea so I put ginger in my broth and I don't do honey due to sugar and candida issues)
That's it but I will also try to stick to more gelatinous meats or meats that have less muscle fibers like beef tongue and heart. Today I am having just broth.

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