Thursday, April 12, 2012

Follow-Up Appointment Two with Dr. D in Kirkland

It was beautiful this morning unlike yesterday when it was cloudy and raining pretty much all day long. It's actually sunny today and I couldn't resist taking a short walk this morning in the neighborhood behind the hotel. After my appointment with Dr. D it was only 10:30 AM and I decided to take another walk. Below are some pictures from the park I went to which is less than a block from the doctor's office.

Must be nice to have a house backing to a quiet, beautiful park.

Now to my appointment with Dr. D. I mentioned that I have been urinating more again the last 4 or 5 days. When I first went back on Desmopressin about 2 weeks ago I actually managed to sleep through the night a few times without getting up to urinate. Last night, in comparison, I got up at 1 AM, 3:20 AM, and 5:30 AM and had to urinate each time. Not fun. At the same time, with increased salt intake I feel like I am retaining more fluid again which is evident in my swollen eye lids when I first wake up.

Dr. D said unfortunately when a person is chronically ill fluid and electrolyte balance sort of gets put on the back burner for a while because it's not vitally important. As patients heal, all that starts working on its own again. She did say to eat as much salt as I want to and I can use black tea bags on my eye lids to help remove toxins and get the swelling down.

I asked her about some of the foods listed as ok to eat on the Lyme/KPU/Low Oxalate food list that are listed as high oxalates on other lists. She said it has to do with the fact that this list is also specifically for people who have Lyme and KPU and also because they found that people were just severely limited when they were 100% strict on their list. So they found that the list of foods she provided was the best option they could come up with.

Since we were talking about the food list I told her that I finally quit drinking coffee when I saw that it is on the "foods to avoid list". I told her that I brought some coffee anyhow for muscle testing and asked if it's ok to drink it if I test ok for it even though it's on the list of foods to avoid. She said absolutely. I then started to explain that green tea makes me feel nauseated and she said she doesn't like tea anyhow because of the fluoride in it and one cup of coffee a day won't hurt me. I love my doctor!

I asked how many colonics I should be doing during parasite treatment. As I had already read from Dr. Klinghardt, she said 2 colonics a week back to back would be ideal. However, she said if I can do 3 coffee enemas a week on my own then I can get by with 2 colonics a month back to back. Much better.

Next I got on the table for some muscle testing. I had asked her to see if she could check me for excess histamine and mast cell issues. She did and said what I have is a condition that often occurs in patients with KPU which is actually low histamine. She explained that if my baseline is 1 for example and I get histamine at a level of 1, then my histamine level is now doubled and my body, which is already highly sensitive, just can't handle it and has a reaction. But if my baseline level were 100 for example then an additional histamine level of 1 is not going to impact me all that much. So she prescribed a homeopathic that will gradually increase my histamine levels. Also MaxiFlav which is quercetin and MSM. I believe she said MSM would help to detox my connective tissue. Below is the new, updated treatment plan. New items are bolded.

Histamine Regulation:
  1. Histamine Low Potency Homeopathic - 10 drops twice a day on tongue 15 minutes prior to food. Ideal to do this first thing AM and last at night.
  2. MaxiFlav - 2 capsules first in the morning and last at night.
Digestive Support
  1. Custom Probiotics 11-Strain Formula - 2 scoops a day in addition to existing probiotics.
Detox Support
  1. Hyaluronic Acid - 2 dropperfuls twice per day under tongue 15 minutes away from food.
  2. Galactose - 1/2 teaspoon twice per day in water.
  3. MSM - 1 heaping teaspoon in water with breakfast and lunch.
  1. Cordy Chi - 2 capsules twice per day before meals.
  2. Rizol Gamma - 10 drops twice per day in a little water, gargle then swallow twice per day.
  3. Homeo-K BAB - 5 drops twice per day with other Homeo-K remedies.
  1. Homeo-K Energy -  5 drops twice per day with other Homeo-K remedies.
After my walk this morning after the doc appointment I came back to the hotel and grabbed some lunch. At 12:30 I was back at the clinic for my steam sauna followed by a colonic. As usual the colonic was tough - lots of cramping and some mild nausea - but chatting with Desiree, who stayed with me for both of them, was great just like last time. We seem to have a lot in common and I could talk to her for hours. She said she was really glad to see that I was on her schedule because I have a special place in her heart. That made me feel good.

Now I am back at the hotel just hanging out. By the time I left the clinic it was cloudy and dark again and the temperature had dropped quiet a bit. So I am staying in just chilling. I am kind of worn out from the sauna and colonic anyhow.

I got back to the hotel again around 2:30 PM. It was still really nice outside but after the sauna and colonic I was pretty drained. Since I didn't take a shower before the two treatments I got cleaned up, got dressed and went to Metropolitan Market to pick up some food for dinner and also for the trip home tomorrow.

On a different note, I am even hungrier than usual and my sweet/carb cravings are off the charts since starting Ivermectin and Pyrantel Pamoate. I hope this won't continue the entire time I am taking anti-parasitics.

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