Monday, March 22, 2010

The Morning After

I hate the day after a relapse. Aside from the emotional issues of regret, guilt, anger, etc. there are the physical side effects. It would seem that I have done this often enough to know that it's just not worth it, but here I am again feeling the misery. I wish I could bottle this feeling and next time I am tempted, take a sip, to know what it will feel like if I give in.

Then there are temptations as well. The carb/sugar cravings are all back again and that will take a good two or three days. It didn't help that we have a guest right now and we were toasting bagels for breakfast. The smell was heavenly and I love bagels but I did not have any. Actually, I am going to do my 3-day fast to give my body some relief. That was my original plan anyhow - fast one day a week and 3 days every month. Can't say that I am enjoying it but I know it will give me some relief from my hugely distended belly.

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