Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 15 - 9 AM

You wouldn't think that a little bit of juice and broth makes a big difference, but you would be wrong. Yesterday I had tea and water throughout the day and some clear broth in the evening. Oh, and a bit of "flax slime". I know, it sounds disgusting. As best as I could tell it was the water that they had simmered flax seed in.

Anyway, this morning I feel incredibly exhausted. Of course it could be low blood pressure and/or low blood sugar as well. I also have a slight headache and backache again. The doc and I decided that today I would have just tea, water, my meds, and a few supps - no salt or broth to see where the bloating is coming from. Unfortunately since yesterday I have been waking up with bloating so it will be hard to tell. I also have fluid retention so I am guessing it's PMS. It's going to be a re-learning process figuring out exactly what is going on with my body.

I have to admit I am not looking forward to the rest of the day. There are not treatments on Sundays so there is nothing to do this morning. There aren't really any good shows on in the afternoon either. My brother and his GF were going to come visit this weekend but with all the snow we've had (will post pictures later) I doubt they will make it.

The doc is also checking my sodium, potassium, and blood sugar levels tomorrow morning. I can't wait to get that over with since I won't even be able to have a cup of green tea before the blood draw. My guess is that my sodium is going to be wicked low which is probably also the reason my heart rate has been so high. No change in thyroid meds has made my heart rate come down. I tried less T3, Armour only, T3 and Armour, no thyroid, etc.

Two weeks down, one week to go! Please pray for me! I just want to be able to eat again without discomfort. That is my biggest hope, wish, and prayer after this fast - eat and feel great, have a normal stomach, and feel energized from the food I eat!

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