Monday, June 20, 2011

GAPS Intro #6: Day 1 - AM

Symptoms this Morning: Headache, upper backache, fatigue, anger, whole body feels swollen/puffy, right eye lid swollen, puffy face, very distended abdomen, very itchy skin, no motivation, not cognitive, slight depression, stiff body, heart rate went up to 129.

Goals for Today: Eat two GAPS Stage 1 meals (lunch and dinner), rest when tired, read some in the GAPS book and in "Maximum Achievement", take a detox bath.

I have not weaned off coffee so I started my day with water, 1/2 cup of black coffee, and medication (10 mg hydrocortisone, 10 meq potassium chloride). My heart rate came down a bit after a few minutes but was too high for just walking around the kitchen. It was normal while sitting.

I plan on eating salmon today probably with pork fat and drinking the water I cook it in as broth. I also have a pot of pork bone broth going so I may have some of that as well. The reason I want to eat only two meals is that I think I may have SIBO and have read that it's best to wait 3 to 5 hours in between meals. Also, I stopped eating breakfast a while back because I get so distended after eating and waiting until mid-day to have a meal allows me to have part of the day without so much discomfort - well, without THAT discomfort. I can't say that waking up with all the symptoms I mentioned above is comfortable!

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