Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another New Day

I feel better emotionally today. Maybe the anxiety, negativity, and everything I was feeling yesterday was from die off. It's so hard to tell but I feel more positive and inspired today. So far I plan on doing some clear water enemas followed by a coffee enema and then to fast the rest of the day, but that may change later. Fasting has become harder but I do believe it is very beneficial.

Update: Fasting was too hard. The headache I woke up with went away and then later in the afternoon came back even worse. So I had boiled salmon, salmon broth, some of the gelatinous meat from making pork bone broth, and pork fat. The pain in my right wrist and hand came back as well. I am beginning to wonder if it's from knitting versus arthritic pain or something else.


Suzy said...

I just want you to know how much I appreciate your input on our gapshelp yahoo group. I always appreciate your generousity in helping those of us who are still learning. You are so helpful and I've learned a lot from you. Thanks for answering my question today! :) Thank you for blogging about your diet, health issues and sharing your feelings. I truly appreciate your openness. I really care about you and think about you! You are in my prayers and I so sincerely wish you health. We do not understand our trials, they can be SO HARD!!!! But I have to believe that they are making us better people, more what the Lord wants us to be. We are being purified like silver. Sending you love and healing wishes. Suzy

Me said...


Thank you...I really appreciate your kind words and your prayers. I am definitely struggling right now but I will keep at it.

Many blessings...