Thursday, June 2, 2011

GAPS Re-Intro: Day 2

I took a tiny amount of Nystatin yesterday as well as 1 drop of fermented carrot brine. I can't say I feel great today but no increased headache or other die off symptoms either. That's good...I am more hopeful.

It's only been one day and I am already tired of boiled meat. It just does not taste good to me. Yesterday I had boiled salmon and boiled chicken thighs. I admit though that I sauteed the skin of both in a cast iron skillet and some tallow. There is no way I can eat boiled fish or chicken skin and I didn't feel like pureeing it into my broth. Today I am having boiled chicken breast (it's skinless) and a ton of tallow. I will try a little bit more Nystatin but will keep the fermented carrot brine at 1 drop. It seems crazy that such a small amount could potentially cause die off.

The pain in my right wrist, knuckles, and fingers continues. I am not sure if I hurt my wrist somehow without noticing and the pain is radiating to my hand or if this is arthritic type pain. I hope it's not the latter. Dr. Cowan ordered some blood tests and among them he is checking for rheumatoid arthritis and also for mycoplasma pneumoniae. I have had the latter in the past and he wants to see if there's a lingering infection.

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