Monday, June 20, 2011

GAPS Intro #6: Day 1 - PM

This day did not go well at all or like I had hoped. I felt very tired and sort of numb emotionally so instead of taking 7.5 mg of HC around lunch time I took 10 mg. I sat in the sun around 10:30 and when I came in my heart rate shot up to 140 when I checked it and I was starting to feel dizzy. I had a hard time standing in the shower and had to sit down as soon as I got out. My body still feels swollen and soft and I hate it which put me in a bad mood. I have also been very distended all day to the point of being in pain. After running some errands in the afternoon I made dinner and then I messed up. I had some pork rinds and some homemade almond/walnut butter. I topped it all off with some of Bob's diet Coke and two pieces of gum. Next I ate about 1/2 cup of coconut milk kefir. The latter isn't a bad thing except that I have to collect stool for a stool test tomorrow and ideally you should not be taking probees before a stool test. I feel like I messed everything up.

Because I am so distended (and I messed up today anyhow) I decided to fast tomorrow. I need a break from feeling this miserable. My abdomen is so big it's making my back hurt. I am hating life right now.

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