Thursday, June 30, 2011

Starting GAPS Intro

Either tomorrow or Monday, most likely tomorrow, I am going back on GAPS Intro. How is that different from what I am doing now? I will go back to eating boiled meats although I might allow myself something grilled this weekend. I will cut out most of my supplements - true GAPS intro says to cut out all of them, but there are some that really help so I am keeping them in. The ones I am going to continue taking/using are HCl, digestive enzymes with ox bile, Liver Life by Bioray, magnesium oil spray at night, and homemade liposomal Vitamin C (to help with detox). I plan on adding cod liver oil and Vitamin D3 drops one at a time after a few days. I will try to add ferments or probiotics slowly. Those are really the only differences since I am only on stage 2 and Dr. Natasha recommended I stay at that stage until the abdominal distention is gone.

In the GAPS book it says that the diet will reduce symptoms quickly and initiate the healing process in the digestive system. So far that hasn't happened for me and I don't know why. I am not going to give up but admit that this is getting harder and harder to deal with. Most days now I am fighting depression not due to a chemical imbalance or gut issues, but because I feel like I can't deal with this much longer. Hopefully I will see "some" healing this time around.

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