Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 1

First day of 21 days of fasting….! Since I am fasting at a clinic, I should point out that I will be talking about colonics, bowel movements, etc. Just in case anybody reading this is squeamish.

Anyway, I got up and had some decaffeinated green tea, my meds, and otherwise just water. Mom made some bacon and that was tough. I LOVE bacon and I love the smell of bacon.

Simone drove me to the clinic. Mom was scared to drive because of all the snow we got last night. It was good though because it gave me some time to hang out with Simone and just talk. Plus she is considering spending a week here while I am here so she got to see the place. We got here around 1:15 PM, I checked in, and we went up to my room. It’s small but nice with a roughly twin size bed, a window overlooking a forest, a nightstand, small desk, closet, two chairs and a small (slightly bigger than cruise cabin size) bathroom.

They also put a bottle of sparkling water in the room. YES! I love that stuff. In the bathroom there was a cup with a bit of water and some grainy stuff on the bottom. A little sign indicate that this is Epsom salt which I am supposed to drink every night – YIKES – to assist my body in getting “cleaned”. There was also some sign about some sort of wrap that you get every day while during the “resting” period and it comes in a potato sack which is then to be deposited in designated bins in the hallway. The wraps supposedly help the immune system and circulation.

We took a quick tour of the place and found the pool, sauna, laundry room, internet room (small room with one desktop and one addition internet cable), library, and the two “dining” rooms. One is for people who are eating and the other one is for people who are fasting. Both have a tea and water station with all kinds of different herbal teas. I also found some green tea which I had a cup. I didn’t think caffeine of any kind was allowed during fasting but I figure I may as well have one until I am told I shouldn’t. They also have hot ginger water which I know is very beneficial. I always have good intentions of drinking it daily at home but then never stick to it.

After Simone left I unpacked and then started a load of laundry. I took a bathrobe and some sweatshirts from mom’s house and once I got here I thought they smelled like smoke. I am waiting on those to be done right now.

At 5:10 PM today I have my “entry exam” with one of the doctors. Around 5:30 PM they are doing a tour of the building for all the people who checked in today and the receptionist said it would be to my benefit to try and make it. Apparently they do one every day but she said it’s good to do it the first night and it tends to start a bit late so I should be able to catch up to them after my doctor’s appointment.

Tomorrow at 7:30 AM I am getting my first colonic and at 9 AM I get my first hot/cold herbal foot bath. I guess they don’t mess around. Between the daily Epsom salt and the daily colonics I am going to have the cleanest colon of them all.

They have various free activities every day like guided hikes, excursions into town (on foot) to teach you about groceries, Pilates, music programs, stretching, and more. So they definitely keep you busy which is nice.

I guess that’s it for now. I will update the blog later tonight before I head to bed. It would be nice if I could do so from my room, but at the same time I am glad I don’t have internet access in my room. It would be too tempting to just browse the net all the time. Instead I want to focus on God and the spiritual aspect of fasting.

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