Friday, January 15, 2010


Whatever was going on with me two days ago was over yesterday. I felt miserable physically but emotionally I felt much better. I also ate something which I should have done all along. But I can't change the past. And I had no desire to chew and spit.

Today I am flying to Germany. I am excited, apprehensive, and also sad. Saying good-bye to Bob at the airport will be hard. A month is a long time to be separated and I "worry" about him. I know he will be ok, but I also know he doesn't like being alone. And it will be different for me as well. Normally I am with mom and I stay busy for the most part with walking the dog, spending time with her, browsing the internet, seeing friends, etc. But this time I will be in a clinic, I will not have internet access in my room (this is a good thing), and I will have a lot of time to myself. I hope to use that time to focus on God, strengthen my relationship with Him, and REALLY get to know Him. And I hope to spend more time learning Spanish and reading versus watching TV and sitting at this computer.

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