Sunday, January 17, 2010


The flight was uneventful and I got to Germany 20 minutes early. After dinner on the plane and a movie I got comfy across four seats with 3 pillows and 2 blankets and slept..............30 minutes! I don't get why I just can't seem to sleep during a flight even when I am comfy and have plenty of room.

Mom and I went to the Wiesbaden base before coming home because she wanted to get some Euro and also fill up the car, only to find out that her ID card is expired. We were able to get into the commissary but that's it. I drank some coffee when we got home and that got me through the day without sleeping. By 10 PM I was very tired and slept straight through the night.

I found myself wanting to eat and searching for non-ZC (zero carb) foods most of the day. My original plan was to go into this 21-day fast without any splurges ahead of time but that wasn't so easy. On the flight I decided to take one bite of the roll that came with dinner which led to me eating the whole thing as well as a piece of cheese and the little brownie. I ate ZC throughout the day yesterday but when I got home from visiting with my SIL I had some green beans and also some almonds. I guess it could have been worse.

Considering jetlag and the fact that I ate foods I don't tolerate all that well, I feel pretty good this morning. I am ready to go to the clinic and excited about getting started. I believe that it will be a really good thing overall.

Mom on the other hand is not doing so well. I am worried about her...

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