Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 7 - 3:15 PM

I feel blessed today.

Not much to report really. Feeling pretty cold now from fasting. Walked down to town today to get a TV magazine and take some pics in town. I was out and about for roughly an hour. It's very cold!

Got a hot/cold arm bath around 7 AM, a colonic at 10 AM, did a short weight workout (shoulders and triceps), and sat in the infrared cabin around 11:30 AM. Jumped in the pool to cool off then went back to my room to take a shower and get dressed.

There's a guided hike this afternoon but I did not go. They walk about an hour, go to some cafe for tea, then walk back and I did not feel like walking that much. Instead I have been taking it easy, studying Spanish, and now I am about to head back to the room to read or watch TV.

One week down, two to go. I am praying and hoping that by the end of the fast all the food intolerances will be gone. I want this so much I can practically feel what it will be like when I eat some beef or chicken or anything I have been reacting to, and not have any reactions. It would be such a huge relieve. I am begging God to remove all of them while I am here.

I might leave a day or two early so I can spend more time with mom. She is not doing so well because her pain seems to be getting worse. I figure I can finish one or two days on my own at her house. She seemed to like that idea.

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